Hot Yoga

At Iyashi, our Hot Rock Yin Yoga sessions are held in the Traditional suite, on our heated stone beds, and are truly a unique experience because the heat comes from the floor and not from the room just being heated. A session includes:

  • 30 minutes of Rock Bathing
  • 60 minutes of Hot Yin Yoga

Men and women are welcome to join these Hot Rock Yin Yoga sessions. The ladies use the Traditional suite to change, for cool down breaks and to use the washroom and shower. Men use the Deluxe suite to change, for cool down breaks and to use the washroom and shower and can then enter the Traditional treatment room for the Rock Bathing and Yin Yoga class through the Deluxe treatment room entrance.

Here is a picture of a Yoga class in progress. All of the poses are done while sitting or lying down so it is a very restorative type of yoga.

This is our Thursday morning Yoga instructor, Janna.

“I have been teaching weekly Yin Yoga classes at Iyashi Bedrock Spa and found the combination of gentle yoga with the energetically charged heat of the hot rock room to be a very transformative experience. The yoga postures open up all the stored acids in the tissues and the heat draws it out through the sweat. The sweating at Iyashi is much more profound than any typical hot yoga class because of the natural infrared rays and negatively charged ions in the environment. Every week I go to teach it feels like my re-set button gets pressed and I have a very deep detox in a mere 1.5 hours. I always feel tangibly lighter and clearer afterwards, regardless of my prior good health and fitness. For the last few years I have been leading detox programs for individuals and small groups with good results and I am truly excited to discover the healing and detoxification potential of the Ganbanyoku hot rock experience!”.

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