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Iyashi is the first Japanese Ganbanyoku (rock bathing) spa in North America and the only one in Canada. Iyashi transports you to Japan as you lay down on our Japanese imported black silica bedrocks and sweat your stress, toxins, and calories away. Quoted as being one of the top 5 unique spas in the world, by New Beauty Magazine, and rated 10/10 for relieving stress from Toronto Life Magazine.

Rock Bathing is a unique concept which is simple, yet very rewarding: Fully clothed in our spa outfit or Yoga wear, you lay down on our bedrock stone beds for 15-20min. intervals with a 3-5 min. cool down period between each interval. There is a traditional suite (for up to 17 women) and a deluxe suite (for up to 4 people - men, women, or couples - if 2 people reserve the deluxe suite, we do not book anyone else in the room at the same time). You've never been so rewarded for simply lying down on a rock!

In addition to our signature Rock Bathing treatments, we also are the only spa in North America offering restorative Hot Rock Yin Yoga classes and Hot Pilates classes on our heated stone beds. Our Yoga has gained so much popularity that we were voted as one of the Top 10 Yoga Studios in Toronto by blogTO readers and by LexiYoga. Men and women are welcome to attend.

For a special treat, you can also reserve one of our RMTs to provide you with a Registered Massage before or after a treatment, or on its own. We also have a Registered Reflexologist available that can do Feet Reflexology or Zone Therapy (Facial Reflexology) or a combination of the two.

Iyashi is also an excellent venue for Private parties in our spacious 3,000 square foot facility. We have hosted Birthday parties and Bridal showers and can arrange for a Yoga or Pilates teacher and / or RMT massages and healthy catered food for your event.

Iyashi Saved me from a Lifetime of Pain

arthritisOur clients always tell us how our treatments are excellent for Stress and Pain relief. Rebecca Wong, who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2012, and has been coming to Iyashi since 2013, thanked us for giving her back her life. Her rheumatologist told her she could “manage” the symptoms with medication, but Rebecca was concerned with the serious side effects. Rebecca was able to determine that stress was a common trigger factor for this disease and she committed herself to a healthier lifestyle so she could “reset” her body. By chance, she heard about the healing powers of black silica rock which led her to Iyashi Bedrock Spa.

“My condition changed significantly after taking hot yoga classes conducted on black silica rock for 6 months, once a week at this establishment. I experienced a positive difference in my physical well-being. At the next visit with my rheumatologist, my meds were reduced again and he was pleasantly shocked that my condition seemed to be reversing itself.

It has been two years since I discovered this incredible and unique yoga sanctuary. I continue to attend yoga classes at Iyashi and have increased my visits, sometimes taking the hot pilates classes as well. In my most recent visit to the rheumatologist, my dosage was again reduced for the third time and my doctor announced that I may be on the road to remission.

I cannot say for certain whether it was my change in diet or my visits to Iyashi or perhaps both that have led me to the road of recovery, but I can say with absolute certainty that when I miss a week of Iyashi classes, I feel stiffness and some physical discomfort returning. The bonus is that doing yoga, pilates or just meditating on black silica beds is not just great for those with physical conditions such as myself, it has anti-aging properties, it increases metabolism, it softens skin and the list of positive effects is endless. I recently recommended it to a friend who suffers from recurring pain from a torn ACL; he has found the experience at Iyashi incredible not just for his knee, but for his insomnia as well.

Along this journey, I have met many regulars at Iyashi, all with their own personal stories about how this extraordinary facility has helped them with their physical challenges. For those of you who remain skeptical, JUST TRY IT. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. Iyashi and the dedicated instructors have enhanced my life. I am grateful and indebted to Norma Percy, the co-founder of this establishment. Many thanks to all of you for giving me my life back.”

You can also read the full testimonial here.


Class Names / Descriptions

scheduleWe asked each of our Yoga and Pilates teachers to “name” their class and to provide a brief description. This will make it easier for you to choose the classes you would like to attend. You can also see the full schedule and fees here.

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